Get your dental implants in Transylvania!

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Blend the necessary with the pleasurable: combine your much-needed dental treatments and interventions with a wondrous trip to magical Transylvania, and enjoy the full benefits of dental tourism. We provide full dental services in our modern clinic in Sfântu Gheorghe in the heart of Transylvania. And because we know that even adults need a nice treat after a visit to the dentist, we will take care of all your travel arrangements, from accommodation to excursions and free-range activities. Heal your smile in the cool and unique surroundings of the Carpathians.


  • Implantology (performed by our oral surgeon)
  • Neodent NeoArch immediate fixed full-arch solution (all on 4/all on 6 concept). Fixed temporary denture within max. 48 hours (final denture after 3 months).
  • 1 step dental implant placement with immediate temporary crown(final crown after 3 months of healing)
  • 2 step dental implant placement
  • Prophylaxis (Guided biofilm therapy with EMS Prophylaxis master)
  • In-office teeth bleaching



When assembling my team, I had a few firm ideas about an exemplary professional environment. Firstly: relevant, up-to-date, secure, and confident professional knowledge was non-negotiable. Secondly, due to the nature of our work, I chose empathetic people who consider the human aspects of a dental procedure just as important. And lastly, as a contemporary person, I wanted to offer complete dental services in one place: nobody should lose time and money running from one medical facility to another.

Combining all these pillars, our team came together to offer a wide range of dental services at an impeccable level of medical artistry, using the latest scientific tools and technologies. From the first X-ray to dental cleaning, teeth filling, and complex implantology procedures, our highly trained team is always ready to offer the most appropriate solutions to our patients’ needs. We are a team of general, orthodontic, and periodontic dentists, dentoalveolar oral surgeons, and assistants. We are Fusion Dental Clinic.

~ Dr. Zsigmond Rétyi


Door-to-door transfer

We pick you up and drop you down from the airport to your special accommodation. You don’t need to bother with apps and maps, as a local driver will acquaint you with your new temporary home.

Accommodation in a forest guest house

Modern living on the inside, natural setting on the outside. Take full advantage of nature’s healing powers as you recharge and recover before and after your chosen dental procedures. Rest is medicine.

Bus tours

Hurray, we’re traveling! Discover historical monuments and hidden corners, clean rivers and green hills, crisp mountains, and deep forests through our arranged excursions. Wonderland on wheels.


Answer the call of the wild and hike your way to the top. You can choose from casual hikes to more challenging ones depending on your need for scenery and adrenaline. Mountains are a local love affair.

Visiting local castles

History in plain sight. Ruins and masterpieces soaked in stories waiting to be discovered. Grab a backpack and relive the monumental moments of the civitas and nobility. Your friends will be jealous!


Highs on heights: skiing in Transylvania almost a compulsory national treasure. The Carpathians are your snowy playground as you slide through the fresh mountain air. This is not a fantasy. Take it all in!




The Fusion Dental Clinic is one of the largest and most technically equipped dental clinics in Sfântu Gheorghe and its region. We consider dentistry crucial in maintaining one’s health and well-being as any other field of medicine. As a result, we have developed a team of doctors and assistants, experts in their fields, to care for our patients. Our professionals undergo training and seminars to develop their skills and knowledge to treat patients according to the latest advances in dental science. We believe in the importance of the human touch in our treatments, and we strive to offer our patients a warm and careful visit each time.


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